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3D Scan & 3D Print Solutions

Need Fast & Accurate Measurement?

Need Fast & Accurate


3D Scan & 3D Print Solutions

Need Fast & Accurate Measurement?

Need Fast & Accurate


Struggle With This?

Manual measurements take a long time

High cost supply chain

Struggle finding rare spare parts

Not precision measurement

Our 3D Solutions

Faster | Reduce Cost | Precision

  • Cost-Effective Engineering Solutions
  • Precision Size Measurement
  • Fast Quality Control  
  • Faster 3D Modeling
  • Increase Quality of Parts
  • Part Inspection
  • Reduce time to produce parts
  • Easy Prototyping
  • Shorten Supply Chain

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Let's Get Started

Mining Story

Easy and Modern Measurement for Heavy Vehicles

Challenge : Measuring the Exhaust System in heavy tractors, this measurement is intended to create a Thermal Blanket. The manual measurement process for one tractor takes approximately 7 days, while our client has 7 tractors that need to be measured.

Solution : Evolusi 3D brings 3D scanning technology directly to our client’s location for precise measurements of all tractors.

Result : Now, with 3D Scanning Technology, every measurement is faster and with utmost precision. the measurement process for 7 tractors can be completed in 3 days!

Client : United Tractor Pandu Engineering

Large Bearing Drawing Using 3D Scanning

Challenge : Drawing bearings manually is not feasible for bearings with a diameter as large as 2 meters. Our client requires a fast and precise method for creating the bearing drawings.

Solution : We provide the convenience and accuracy of our 3D scanning service. Our dedicated team is ready to handle all measurement.

Result : Evolusi 3D success scanning the large bearing in Just 6 Hours, Followed by Reverse Engineering for Work Drawings.

Client : Samudra Marine Indonesia

Creating Wiring Harness for Automotive Electrical Transportation System with 3D Scan

Challenge : The old method used to create prototypes is injection molding. The cost of the mold can reach 60 million per model, and the lead time can be as long as 2 months when using the old method. They need new methods for faster and cost saving.

Solution : We have 3D scanning service for precise measurements and streamline the molding process. Also we have experience engineer that can help our clients with 3D modeling.

Result : Costs can be significantly reduced by 90%, and the lead time can be much faster. With our method, the previous 2-month timeframe can be condensed to just 3 weeks for the entire process.

Quick and Accurate Measurement of Heavy Vehicle Equipment

Challenge : They require quick and precise measurements along with 3D images of their equipment. Manual methods take too long, it’s leading to losses.

Solution : We suggest using 3D scanning technology that is capable of scanning medium to large objects in no time. Also, we provide comprehensive 3D scanning training for our clients.

Result : Say goodbye to the time-consuming manual methods that used to take a whole week for a single heavy equipment. Our clients now enjoy the speed and precision of obtaining 3D images of their heavy equipment.

Client : Sanggar Sarana Baja